The aim of the shop is to provide customers with a central place to come and explore alternative, safer options to meet their daily needs, and to fulfil those needs in one place.

There is no longer a need to go to the supermarket for your eco Laundry products, Norwich for your eco Bamboo toothbrush, and online for your personal eco products any more.  They are all offered at the Green Lady under one roof with a smile and an explanation.

Also in having a one-stop eco shop packaging is reduced (compared with goods purchased online), less fuel is used, there is on street parking or alternatively there are car parks just around the corner along the seafront, and we offer a personal service to enable informed buying decisions.

We are happy to speak with customers from a users’ perspective, explain how a product works, put it in their hands, answer questions and give advice.  This is far removed from the usual “buy it or you don’t” approach of other stores.

We are also keen to hear what local customers would like to see in the shop, and so far we have had some good ideas and great feedback.  In the coming months and years we will gradually introduce things to see how they go and develop our product range guided by YOU the customer.

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